“Mr. Chairman, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed the people of the United States did not perceive that a world system was being set up here which would make the savings of an American school-teacher available to a narcotic-drug vendor in Macao. They did not perceive that the United States was to be lowered to the position of a coolie country which has nothing but raw materials and heavy goods for export. That Russia was destined to supply man power and that this country was to supply financial power to an international superstate  —  a superstate controlled by International bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world for their own pleasure.”

—  Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Congressional Record, 72nd Congress, 1st session, June 10, 1932

It is unfortunate, when one member of the TI community spends time attacking other TI’s, rather than pursuing a legal case against the government and corporate criminals.

Linda Costanzo responds to some of the confusion around Public vs Non-Public information. 

Section 119 ONLY APPLIES to Non-Public, restricted personal information that is made Public.  If the information was already Public, then this section DOES NOT APPLY.  Literally anyone, anywhere in the world can look up this information – it is free.  Targeted Justice uses information that is already public, such as:

  –  Zabasearch.com
  –  Veripages.com
  –  County property records
  –  Hunter.io   (email addresses)
  –  newspaper articles


(Linda responding to confused complainer):

I’m confused.  You are “with Jack Christiana” in presenting the information in this post.  You have included Richard Lighthouse’s information here.  Jack Christiana wrote a letter to TI’s attacking Mr. Lighthouse  for publicly outing people who appear to be in charge of our targeting – and he urged people to not follow Targeted Justice because of this.  Mr. Lighthouse published information that is available on thousands of “people finder” sites – already very public information.  The law Jack Christiana cited for proof of his first accusation, relates to restricted and/or confidential information – not public information available to everyone.
Two of his accusations are based on laws enacted for the  “Protection of Individuals Performing Certain Official Duties”.  Was he saying that the perpetrators of our targeting are merely performing official duties? 
There are more allegations made by Mr. Christiana that should be researched by concerned TI’s due to Mr. Christiana’s narrow application of laws that, upon investigation, cast doubt upon what Mr. Christiana’s is stating in his letter to TI’s.
I have been targeted since 1993.  I have been hospitalized 3 times with serious head injuries.  For 26 years I have been subjected to all of which Mr. Ted Gunderson states in his affidavit provided for enforcing a FOIA request made to the DOJ re TI’s.  For anyone to cast doubt on a group like Targeted Justice and Mr. Richard Lighthouse, in the manner that Mr. Christiana has, in my opinion, causes more disruption in our community which slows down our progress. 
After being severely targeted for 26 years, I want this to come to an end and in my opinion, Targeted Justice, Richard Lighthouse and Midge Mathis provide the best path to end the horrific torment we experience.

Linda Costanza

18 U.S. Code § 119. Protection of individuals performing certain official duties

(a)   In General.–Whoever knowingly makes restricted personal information about a covered person, or a member of the immediate family of that covered person, publicly available–

1)  Targeted Justice uses information that is already public.  Keep in mind the law was drafted in 2007, before most people were aware that such information was generally available.

2)  Targeted Justice only seeks non-violent solutions to the targeting.  This is stated repeatedly on the web site, and in the ebooks of Richard Lighthouse.  We do not threaten.  We do not harass. 
  We do, however, seek the legitimate prosecution of the Government and Corporate criminals that are involved.

Thanks to Linda, for helping clarify this for the TI Community.

The Board of Directors at Targeted Justice


Hunter.io allows you to find email addresses for any domain.
Anyone can use this service.

Targeted Justice is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.